Identity and Access Management

Simplify IAM to accelerate your business

  • One Identity solutions eliminate the complexities and time-consuming processes often required to govern identities, manage privileged accounts and control access. With our solutions, you can enhance your organization’s agility while you address IAM challenges from on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments. See how you can:

    • - Define a clear path to access control, privileged management and ultimately, governance
    • - Empower line-of-business managers to make access decisions
    • - Leverage modular, integrated components to start building from anywhere
    • - Deploy IAM solutions and achieve ROI in weeks – not months or years
    • - Accelerate business operations through enhanced IAM capabilities
    • - Finally Get IAM Right


  • Achieve easier accountability and greater transparency with IAM that places the business in control of those things that matter most with One Identity solutions.

Virtualization performance monitoring and management

  • Make monitoring VMware and Hyper-V easier, especially in terms of understanding your virtual network and the demands on your physical storage. Foglight delivers end-to-everything visibility across your virtual infrastructure from the virtual machine and its OS to the LUN that supplies the storage. The purpose of monitoring is to detect problems, and once resolved, Foglight further automates VMware and Hyper-V management to ensure availability and performance, as well as maximize your investment in the supporting physical hardware.

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Database monitoring and analytics

  • Adopt a solution that provides simplified, consistent performance monitoring and management across heterogeneous database platforms in order to reduce administrative costs and improve service levels. Help ensure your database components are operating within their resource capacity limits, and use alerts to discover when they are overextended – plus determine how to correct those conditions.

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Storage performance and utilization management

  • Gain a holistic view of storage performance and utilization through the virtualization layer to the physical disk spindle. Foglight supports storage monitoring for Dell Compellent and Equalogic, EMC Clariaon, CX, VMAX, VNX and Isilon, Hitachi AMS, VSP and USP, HP EVA and 3PAR, NetApp OnTap 7, 8 and Cluster Mode.

  • For monitoring of any storage array, Foglight provides an easy-to-use Python SDK to collect data from any array, and instantly leverage the full power of Foglight storage management.

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Operating system monitoring

  • Take the complexity out of monitoring operating systems and simplify the process with a unified solution that allows you to visualize core physical and virtual metrics, and gain deep insight into memory, CPU and I/O processes. Provide a consistent approach to the management of your diverse operating systems, and unify the disparate parts of your IT environment with a single, centralized platform.

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  • One Identity solutions serve the specific needs of your industry and help you Get Identity and Access Management Right.