Amque Collection Management System

Collection Management

Collection Management System

  • Manage collections for all kinds of credit products like credit card, personal loan, auto loan
  • Centrally manage internal call centers and external agencies,ensure full regulatory compliance
  • Built-in integrations with collection channels like bot, sms,dialer, soft phone, without coding
  • High performance to support millions of delinquent accounts,and thousands of system users

Decision Analytic

Enterprise Decision Engine

  • Standard decisioning platform for all decisioning needs like credit approval, risk early warning
  • Empower business users to configure decision flows, deploy rules, policies, and scoring models
  • Support interfaces like files, message queues, HTTP requests, support batch and real-time processing

Digital Operation

Collection Big Data Platform

  • Build big data platform, calculate detail collection KPIs, enable data-driven operations
  • Smart algorithms to automatically analyze root causes for roll rate deteriorations
  • Business users operate data extraction, feature analysis, and profile labelling in friendly GUI
  • Smart algorithms to automatically select best channel, timing, and script, for optimal results