Performance Monitoring

Maximum virtual infrastructure performance, efficiency and availability

  • Maximize your virtual infrastructure. Unlike other performance monitoring tools, Foglight provides holistic insights into virtualization management – including VMware, Hyper-V and OpenStack; databases running on SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and Sybase; and end-to-end real user monitoring from the network that applications run on into the Java and .Net code.


  • Maximize virtualization performance with monitoring for VMware and Hyper-V coupled with storage array monitoring and simplify cross database performance monitoring for SQL, Oracle, DB2, Cassandra, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Identity governance

  • Achieve complete, business-driven governance for identities, data, and privileged access by marrying visibility and control with administration. Gain simplicity and affordability with a unified governance foundation that addresses the management, auditing and compliance needs that are prerequisites to strong governance.

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Access management

  • Ensure that all your users can access the resources they need to do their jobs -- from any location or any device, conveniently, securely and compliantly. Automate account creation, assign access, streamline on-going administration, and unify identities, passwords and directories with enhanced access management capabilities.

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Privileged account management

  • Manage privileged accounts centrally, proactively and with individual accountability through granular control and monitoring of administrator access. Easily and effectively adopt an automated and comprehensive approach that enhances security and compliance, while improving the efficiency of administering superuser access.

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Identity as a Service

  • Protect everything and everyone in your organization with secure, cloud-delivered IAM solutions that enable digital transformation. With One Identity, your IAM solution can easily protect and support on-premise and cloud-based resources.

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Supported Platforms

  • With industry-leading support for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, SAP, MySQL, Postgres, and dozens of other relational and non-relational platforms such as Hadoop, MongoDB, and Cloudera, our database management software solutions provide comprehensive support for almost any environment.

  • Click below for more in-depth information on a few of the platforms we support.

Microsoft Hyper-V®

  • Protect, monitor and optimize your Hyper-V environment to increase the efficiency of your IT infrastructure and get the most out of your investment in virtualization.


  • Maximize the value of your virtualized infrastructure and gain the visibility and functionality you need to monitor and manage VMware and heterogeneous environments.


  • Gain greater visibility into and simplify the planning and analysis of your storage infrastructure with Foglight for Storage Management. Detect, diagnose and resolve potential issues to ensure optimal virtual machine performance and availability. Maximize the capacity of your existing storage during virtualization, consolidation and cloud projects.


  • Simplify the adoption of SAP HANA with zero-downtime migrations.


  • Get the insight and automation you need to maximize your Oracle investment in record time. Enable rapid delivery of database changes, optimize system health and performance, ensure uptime of your critical databases, and much more.


  • Whether your DB2 instances are on premises or in the cloud, Toad for IBM DB2 helps ensure optimal application experiences and peak database performance. If offers a complete DBA suite for advanced administration, performance and change management; and provides a single, consistent toolset to manage both DB2 LUW and z/OS.

SAP® / Sybase®

  • Toad for SAP Solutions automates frequent and repetitive tasks, eliminates performance-tuning challenges and streamlines SQL optimization so you can focus on higher-priority projects.

SQL Server®

  • Monitor and diagnose single and multiple database platforms, promote collaboration across teams, simplify performance management, protect your data, centralize administration and improve SQL Server health.

Microsoft Exchange

  • Make Microsoft® Exchange Server more compliant, available, secure and efficient. Our Exchange tools include everything you need to migrate, secure, audit, maintain and recover Exchange efficiently without using native tools.

Amazon DynamoDB®

  • Access your Dynamo data anytime, anywhere without any custom coding.

Google Analytics®

  • Generate the big picture through web traffic analytics without complex set-up or coding.


  • Turn your data into insights to make better decisions at the speed of business.

  • Get the data you need to serve your customers in time, every time through automation and collaboration.


  • Gain support across all SAP databases with industry-leading tools more DBAs trust.


  • Query, prepare and automate your reports with Teradata, and gain up to 50% productivity.

Microsoft Active Directory®

  • Make your Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD) environment secure, compliant and available. Our solutions for AD management, security, auditing and migration elevate performance. Take advantage of unique AD tools and solutions for automation and provisioning, compliance and audits, security, disaster recovery and migration and directory consolidation.