CX Analytics

Accelerate data-driven decisions.

Quantify improvements in employee productivity and customer satisfaction from actionable insights.

Enlighten Actions

Unlock complex data with generative AI for CX leaders. Take data-driven action with conversational questions and answers, without hunting down an analyst or report
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Experience Optimization

Use AI to build smart self-service across channels, learn from top agents, and deliver great experiences faster than ever. Inject intelligence to make ANY bot smart, whether it’s NICE’s, or your own.
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Interaction Analytics

Analyze every interaction to understand operational trends and agent performance and monitor business metrics that continually drive improvements to CX.
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Feedback Management

Discover actionable insights from omnichannel customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction and boost loyalty. Unleash the power of customer insights.
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Dashboard and Reporting

Gain a comprehensive operational picture of your contact center. Visualize real-time and historical insights with enhanced.
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Customer Journey Analytics

Measure customer behavior across touchpoints to ensure the entire experience is optimized and effortless.
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Desktop and Process Analytics

Take a scientific approach to improving employee performance, and ground business decisions in rich process and interaction data.
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